This pic is from they gave us delicious smoothies. I'm not sure if you can see it, but we've got smootie on our over lips.
Ajen, peeking out from our tent. A sign said that it was waterproof but after it had rained, we had a pool in the tent.

The view from our tent.

This was our toilet for four days. Mmm cosy!

Ajen, Anna, Annika and Pegz, playing card, finns i sjön! But in which lake?

Franz Ferdinand, the were great, the first song they played was "Michael", one of my favourite songs!

Kings of leon, they were AMAZING! He was hillarious, he kept talking about that we should take care of ourselves and than he confessed "well, I'm a little bit drunk tonight....but take care of you guys". This gig and the Killers was the best of the whole festival!


The following day Emma, Anna, Ajen, Katrin and I playd a game called "Witch" or something like that in Emma and Katrin's RED tent.

We stood at front row at The Killers, here is the audience.

The Killers, this was the greatest of all bands, seriously the best moment of the whole festival! We sang along to all the songs, jumped the whole consert trough. I even thought I was going to die at one time. And I was standing two meters from Brandon Flowers, That's amazing! The final of the consert was the best thing I've ever seen in my whole life. They came back in on stage and sang "When you were young" (one of my favourite songs!). It was absolutly fantastic!
Everybody after the Killers. Katrin, me, Emma, Ajen, Anna, Pegz and Annika.

Then we saw Ludacris, which I didn't fancy at all. I knew one song, but he was allright.

After all the conserts, in the middle of the night, Ajen got the smart idea to move Pegz and Annika's tent from Träsket to our tent, and so we did so we just lifted it up and went through the whole camping. We left all the air madrasses inside so it looked like there was someone inside the tent, and everyone kept asking us who it was laying inside. Hahah I've never laughed so much in my whole life.


Breakfast time! This hard bread and some candy was what I was living on at Hultsfred. Hello Pegz in the background hehe.

Pegz, Emma, me and Annika. Hanging out at the festival area.

Markus Krunegård.

Hello sun! A stop at our daily lunch place! Warm soup and a sandwich.

Than we saw Madness. We only knew one song ("our house" ofc!) so we got a little bored but it was worth waiting for it.

Strawberries in chocolate, Yummie!

Ajen and me chilling out in our tent.

Mando Diao! When they played  "Dance with somebody" was everybody dancing and singing alog, such a great feeling!

Timbuktu and Damn.


Adiam Dymott. I didn't saw her singing "Pizza" but "Miss you" was really good.

On our last day we ate Ben&Jerry for lunch! I took chunk monkey, mmmm!

Ice Cube and his homies.

Klaxons, the were the last band we saw, a great ending of a great festival!

Bye bye..

Postat av: sanna

svar: tack så mycket!! :)

2009-07-17 @ 19:14:20
Postat av: Fem

Haha that pool in the tent thing is a classic ♥ Glad you had fun!

Postat av: Barbro

Fine bilder :D

2009-07-19 @ 23:50:22

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