I know that I haven't updated for a long time but I've just been busy working and sleeping haha. Yesterday Lydia put up her tent in her garden and we had to try it so I went over to her place and slept in the tent over the night and I can tell you that it was COLD!!! In the morning, we made scrambeld eggs in her garden yummie! Than in the afternoon I went to my dad's place for heartshaped strawberries with chocolatesauce. Today I haven't got any work to do and all my friends is out of town so I think I'll finish my book I'm reading and than maybe go for a walk. Hope you are having a great weekend! Kisses! Btw, My small computer is working for the moment so I might do a videoblog or something, what do you think about that?!

Postat av: daniella

åh, jordgubbar mjao. och videoblogga hun! ;)

2009-06-20 @ 19:04:41
URL: http://fourwalls.blogg.se/
Postat av: pauline

these strawberries are lovely.

I think it's a nice idea with videoblog:)

2009-06-21 @ 09:13:33
Postat av: Ida Björck

åh jordgubbar :D

2009-06-21 @ 12:37:38
URL: http://idahbjork.blogg.se/

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