s h e h a s l o s t c o n t r o l

Control, one of my favourite movies. Sam Riley as Ian Curtis from Joy Division. Great music, actors and pictures. Se it!

i l i k e t e a a l o t

marelid (green), gott&grönt, grönt&skönt, nk detox, chai


The new issue of Elle landed in my mailbox yesterday. Yaay!


leather jacket, denim jacket, braid, clean face. Love this look! sourse, unknown


New Elle with Hayden Panettiere on the cover, landed in my mailbox yesterday.


The other day I painted my nails. First a black layer then the blue on top. Love the colour, it becomes dark dark blue, almost black but in the light you can see that it's blue. Try it yourself!


Really early, tomorrow morning I'll go to Gotland, so I have to go and pack my bag now. The only thing is that I'm really tired from yesterday, I don't even know why I'm sitting in front of the computer. I'm just sitting here and listening to Peter Dohery's beautiful songs. Anyway, this is the only thing I need when it comes to beauty products, it's Jojoba oil. It makes the skin smooth, it has got spf4 and it counteract pimples! Btw, I'll bring my small computer to Gotland, so hopefully I'll do some posts!


Today I went to the grocery store and bought one of my favourite ice creams from Ben & Jerry's, "Phish food". It's soooo delicious! I choosed between Phish food and a mango sorbet. I've already tasted "Jamaica me" and it was great. Next time I'll try the mango sorbet!


Yesterday I bought this summer edition of Marabou chocolate. It's strawberries in the chocolate! I really like it, I mean, who doesn't like strawberries and chocolate!? Today I'll go to Skanör. Hopefully today will be the first day of the year I'm bathing in the ocean. I'll bring my camera so I'll update tonight! Have a lovely Sunday. Kisses!


Yay, when i looked in my mailbox today, I found Elle! I really have to study chemistry today, but I think I'll squeeze in little Elle too!




Time to take out the sandals from last year!


Before and after! When I took up my summer clothes I found these shorts from last year. I cut of about 1 cm. I think I'll cut another one or two centimeters! What do you think?

När jag tog fram mina sommarkläder hittade jag dessa shortsen från förra året. Jag klippte av ungefär 1 cm. Jag tror jag ska klippa av en eller två cm till! Vad tycker du?


Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday! Perfekt way to start the Easter holiday!




I'm in love with this skirt. It's so beautiful! I want it! I've got the worst cold ever. I'm coughing all the time and in 2,5 hours I'll have to work. After that I have to go to a dinner. I'm so tired. I just want to sleep! My life sucks right now!


I had nothing to do and ripped my jeans from TopShop. I'm happy with the result and I will hopefully use these jeans more now than I did before.


Hej alla bloggläsare! Igår hamnade ett av ina nlägg på förstasidan på blogg.se vilket gjorde mig jätteglad! Innan hade jag max 50 besökare per dag, men igår hade jag över 350, vilket självklart är jätteroligt! Om ni nya bloggreaders gillar min blogg så får ni gärna lägga till den på bloglovin.com. Här är en länk som ni kan klicka på och lägga till mig direkt. Kram!
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