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A few things I've forgot to show you. A oversized purple blazer and a denim skirt. Both from Kupan in Visby, Gotland.


 - coldplay tshirt - beyond retro sequin dress with deep back - beyond retro white blazer - beyond retro bag - elle us magazine - id minerals concealer at nk - detox tea from nk -


Bought theese tshirts at the Malmöfestival. 100 Swedish kronor each.


I haven't showed everything I bought in Visby, but I'll show you later! I've just painted my nails with my black and blue nail color, I'll upload a picture on that too. In a couple of hours, I'm heading to the Malmöfestival. Adiam Dymott and The soundtrack of our lives is playing tonight!! School starts tomorrow so it's a little bit sad, but I'm going to Stockholm on friday to see Coldplay on Saturday! Lateeeer.


from visby, gotland


Valle, Pegz and I went to Nova today. I bought a bracelet from Indiska (picture) and a pair of tights, but when I came home, I realized that they were ugly hehe. Tomorrow, Ajen and I are going to see Brüno! It feel like it was ages since I saw her so I'm looking forward to that!


flower necklace, bag gina vest cubus butterfly necklace hm + knickers and a bra


As you can see I bought a fluffy skirt and a pair of animal printed leggings. From Top Shop at Illum.


from Monki.


It's from Weekday btw!


Today mum and I went to Nova for some shopping. I bought a ring, necklace, bracelet or whatever (1), it can be used in many diffrent ways but I think I'll stick to use it as a bracelet. I also bought two tank tops one in grey and one white (3 and 4). Finally I bought this vest (2) I've been looking at many many times, I'm not so sure if I'll use it so much but it do look very nice with a white tank and a pair of worn out denim shorts.


After been walking around in a clothes shop for three weeks, you'll find your favourites, these are mine. The green batik tunic is actually way to big, but it looks really nice with a belt! I love the striped dress, I've already got like 500 striped pieces in my wardrobe but I just couldn't resist. I like the necklace too but I think that it's a little bit too long so I'll return it tomorrow. I also bought a white tank top, but it didn't suited me well, so that one will also go back to the store tomorrow.


It's my last day at work on friday. Today was the last day my boss and I worked together. So today I got two gifts, it is just so cute of them. Thank you sooo much, made me really happy! I got a lovely floral printed scarf with small white dots on, It's adorable, and then I also got theese floral printed ballerinas. I looove ballerinas and I will get much use of theese! This summer job has easily been the best I've ever had! Everybody I've worked with has been really nice and the work has been pretty fun. Thanks again :D!


I've been checking out this bracelet the past two weeks at work and today I bought it! It's definitely my new favourite jewellery in my wardrobe! Love it!


I seriously can't get enough of leopard printed jumpsuits, stripes and zippers. Bought theese pieces at hm on my lunch break today. It's actualy a tshirt, but I bought it a few of sizes too big so I can wear it as a tunic. Btw, check out the zippers on the shoulders, I love them! This is my third jumpsuit and my second leo printed jumpsuit. Definitly the garment of this year in my wardrobe!


Today, before work, Rebecca, Lydia, Maria and I went to the flea market. I was looking for a denim vest but unfortunatly I didn't find any that was just as light as I like them. Instead I found  two bracelets, one ring and one chain that I'll use as a necklace. After work Lydia and I went to Ajen's work and waited for her to quit. During that time we met some old friends and I sang "Extraball" for Lydia haha. She really didn't like that song but I'll make her like it haha. Tomorrow I think I'll go to Skanör and work on my tan. Have a lovely weekend! Kisses!


dress cubus bracelets lindex nail color mavala shorts gina


Today on the lunch break, Pegz and I went down to Burger King. After I had enjoyed my delicious whopper and Pegz had finished her double cheese burger, we went to a second hand store where I found this skirt. I think I'll wear it with a blazer or with a oversized tshirt!

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