Today took I my first dip in the ocean, It was really lovely and it feels like summer has started now, for real! I've only got one week left at my work, than, the week after that, I'm going to Hultsfred festival, were (for example) the killers and kings of leon will play. After that I'll stay one more week in Skanör and that time I think I'll bring some friends with me! Anyway, today has been a perfect Sunday. We went to the beach, then we had a huge dinner with great food. After that, we went and rented some movies. Lateeeer. Kisses! (btw, I really have to get a new bikini, this one is just too big, look at the pic! haha)


Yesterday I bought this summer edition of Marabou chocolate. It's strawberries in the chocolate! I really like it, I mean, who doesn't like strawberries and chocolate!? Today I'll go to Skanör. Hopefully today will be the first day of the year I'm bathing in the ocean. I'll bring my camera so I'll update tonight! Have a lovely Sunday. Kisses!


Today, after work I met up with Ajen at Espresso house she had a chocolate frapino and I had a coke zero in a glass bottle. I love coca cola in glass bottles. I don't know what it's about those bottles but I think I like them so much beacuse of Andy Warhol's coca cola painting. Btw you have to check out Andy Warhol's works, they're all great, you also have to see the movie Factory Girl with Sienna Miller, that's a great film! After we had our fika, I took my bike home. Anyway, tonight I'll just watch a movie. Tomorrow, I think I'll go to the beach to get some sun! Kisses!


I've been checking out this bracelet the past two weeks at work and today I bought it! It's definitely my new favourite jewellery in my wardrobe! Love it!


glasses lindex shorts gina tshirt hm shoes topshop bracelet(new) indiska


I seriously can't get enough of leopard printed jumpsuits, stripes and zippers. Bought theese pieces at hm on my lunch break today. It's actualy a tshirt, but I bought it a few of sizes too big so I can wear it as a tunic. Btw, check out the zippers on the shoulders, I love them! This is my third jumpsuit and my second leo printed jumpsuit. Definitly the garment of this year in my wardrobe!


I know that I haven't updated for a long time but I've just been busy working and sleeping haha. Yesterday Lydia put up her tent in her garden and we had to try it so I went over to her place and slept in the tent over the night and I can tell you that it was COLD!!! In the morning, we made scrambeld eggs in her garden yummie! Than in the afternoon I went to my dad's place for heartshaped strawberries with chocolatesauce. Today I haven't got any work to do and all my friends is out of town so I think I'll finish my book I'm reading and than maybe go for a walk. Hope you are having a great weekend! Kisses! Btw, My small computer is working for the moment so I might do a videoblog or something, what do you think about that?!


Today, me and my family went to Malmö to celebrate Petra's 60th birthday. First we went to a parc and had a picnic with pasta salad, turkey and many delicious sauces. At a treetop we found a treasure chest. In it was a note that said "Belongs to the university of Malmö, do not touch" haha. After the picnic, we went to the boats. It was so much fun! Tomorrow I'll start at my summer work. Wish me good luck. Hope you guys had a great weeked! Kisses!


skirt sewn myself jacket ellos zip dress hm ballerinas ajen's bracelets lindex shock


Yesterday was the last day in school before summer break. At the bus Lydia and I met Sarah. At school we met lollo for a little pre party. In the afternoon Werner, Ajen and Lydia came to my place for movies the whole night. Then Lydia and I fell asleep in the couches and it ended with that Lydia stayed at my place. Today we've been working the whole day. Tomorrow, I'm going for picnic with my family, and that's my weekend. Next week I will start at summer work, I'll work there for three weeks. Laaater!


dress bikbok shirt 2ndhand shoes zara jacket ellos bag topshop


Today I only had one class and it was a big test in physics. I think it went well but you never know. Then Lydia, Malin and I went to Wayne's for lunch. I had scones and a chocolate cake. Yummie! After that we met up with Maria and Rebecca for some shopping. At hm I found this beautiful floral printed dress, I'm in love with it! Then we went back to our school to see all the students who graduated today. It was really fun but it was raining and we didn't had an umbrella, but we found a piece of plastic that we used against the rain.


jacket ellos tank+shoes topshop shorts gina belt brother's necklace indiska


I'm going to Hultsfred this summer. I'm so happy I'll see the killers, franz ferdinand, kings of leon, klaxons, white lies, adiam dymott, yeah yeah yeahs, thåström, gossip, slagsmålsklubben, john me, ludacris, promoe, mando diao, ice cube, the sounds, and many many other great bands. I'm soooooo exited!!!!!


Last night was fantastic. The sun were shone on us the whole evening. We had great food and many delicious drinks. We was going to make up our summer plans but we didn't really came to a decision. But we laughed so bad that our jaws started to hurt haha. Thanks for a fantastic night girls!


jacket crocker tank+shoes topshop skirt i've sewn it bracelets lindex+shock bag lindex


skirt + belt 2ndhand tshirt copenhagen blazer hm glasses + bag lindex


tunic indiska belt brother's bracelets shock and lindex


dress bikbok cardigan+belt monki bag lindex bracelets lindex+shock+market


dress zara sandals greece jacket crocker necklace indiska glasses lindex bag veromoda

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