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Idag efter kemiprovet stack Peggy, Lollo och jag till det nya köpcentret Entré i Malmö. Stort, luftigt och fint där inne, men utbudet av butiker var inget speciellt. Den enda butiken jag såg fram emot var Mango men den var ganska liten. Sen så tog vi en snabbfika på Wayne's coffee. Jag drack en hallonsmoothie, Lollo åt scones och Pegz åt en chokladkaka. Imorron är vi lediga, förutom att jag ska till skolan en halvtimme för utvecklingssamtal med min mentor. Efter det ska jag på ansiktsbehandling på Len Hud, ska bli så skönt! Nu ska jag börja på min engelska Filmrecension på filmen "The Shawshank Redemption" som ska vara inlämnad imorron. Ha det fint kram!

Today after the chemistry test Peggy, Lollo and I went to the new mall "Entré" in Malmö. It was really large but the supply of stores was nothing special. The only store I was looking forward to was Mango but it was pretty small. Than we took a coffee break at Wayne's coffee. I drank a raspberry smoothie, Lollo ate scones and Peggy took a chocolate cake. We're free from school tomorrow, exept for a quick meeting with my teacher. After that I have an appointment for a facial at "Len Hud". Now I'll start to write on my english review on the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" that's going to be hand in tomorrow. Hugs!


som ni märker s skiver jg inte p min vanliga data. denhär har natt fel pa tangetbordet., alle knapparna fnkar inte riktigt siom de ska. imorron har vi kemirov s n maste jag plgga. va pa stan en nansbbsväng me peggz idag och köpte dessa solbrillorna p gina. mina första röda. köprte ocksa grönt mango te som lktsade fantasiskt gott. det ska jag ska prova n: ha det fint pss ohc kram.



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Yesterday this eye shadow and lipgloss came in my mailbox. It's my subscribe present from Elle. I love the colour on the eye shadow, but the colour on the lipgloss, yuck so ugly. I look like a hooker in it haha. Unfortunatly I don't think I will ever use it, but thanks anyway Elle. The eye shadow on the other hand, I'll probably use a lot!

Igår trillade dethär ner i min brevlåda. Det är min prenumerationspresent från Elle. Färgen på ögonskuggan är verkligen jättesnygg, men färgen på läppglanset, ush så fult! Det är grymt fult på också. Tyvärr så tror jag inte jag kommer använda läppglanset, men tack ändå Elle. Däremot ögonskuggan kommer jag nog använda en hel del!



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I just had two short lessons today, so after school, Peggy, Lollo and I went to a bakery and bought the most delicious cardamom cakes. After that Peggy and I walked to stadsparken where we sat in the sun, listened  to music that reminds us of summer and ate our cakes. In the afternoon I met up with Rebecca and Ajen and hang out with them for a while.


Yesterday I got this lip balm from Apoteket. It reminds me a bit of Elizabeth 8 hour cream, but I don't like the smell of it. This smells vanilla! I also like the cover. I use it everywhere, on my lips, elbows, and on my fingers. It used to just exist in green, but now it's also in pink. So cute!


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Yesterday Valeria and I went to Nova after school. I had to change my computer mouse and Valeria bought some presents. Before we went home we drank smoothies from naked juice bar. I drank a Love smoothie and Valle took a Shake it. Naked juice bar have got the best smoothies, love them! Btw, today I booked a facial, and I can't wait! My skin is in big need for it! Kisses!




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Yesterday after work, I got this eye shadow from Mist. As you can see, I choosed a black eye shadow. I'll probably try it on later and if it looks good I might show you!


Today after school I felt a bit peckish for candy, so I went to the shop, and I ended up with a half kilo. Now I'm sitting here in front of the computer and feel sick just beacuse I've eaten too much. I'm gonna tell you what I've been eating today. For breakfast I ate a spoon with cottage cheese, on my first class I ate a banana and a lollipop. For lunch I had a little bit yoghurt with a LOT of sugar, and now I'm eating candy and I probably won't be able to eat anythingelse tonight. I might be the most unhealthy person in this country hehe.


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Köpa eller inte köpa? Vad tycker ni? Själv tycker jag den är hemskt fin men dragkedjor har ju varit inne så länge och kommer säkert vara ute om några månader. Från hm btw.

Buy or not? What do you think? I really like it but I think that zippers will be out of fashion in a few months. From hm btw.


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I haven't got any school today, so I decided to make a smoothie to me and my brother. Tomorrow I've got a physics test and I haven't even opened my book yet so I'll have to study the whole day. Hope you have a great day! Kisses!


I'm in love with this skirt. It's so beautiful! I want it! I've got the worst cold ever. I'm coughing all the time and in 2,5 hours I'll have to work. After that I have to go to a dinner. I'm so tired. I just want to sleep! My life sucks right now!


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I had nothing to do and ripped my jeans from TopShop. I'm happy with the result and I will hopefully use these jeans more now than I did before.


Today I found these magazines in my mailbox. I also got an invitation från topshop. Yeey! I'll shop untill I'll drop hehe. My day started with a big swedish essay. I hope it went good but I don't know. I guess we'll see. After that I had one hour physics. After school, Peggy and I went to hm and I found some really cute garments that I'll show you later. After that we went to the solarium and got tanned. And now I'm sitting here, eating my chocolate pudding and blogging. Have a great weekend! Kisses!



My weekend was great! I worked a bit and after that me and my friend Rebecca went to a party. Great people, great music and great atmosphere. This week I've got two tests, french on wednesday and swedish on friday, but I don't have to study to the swedish test so it's pretty chill. Tonight I'll watch tv and if I'm not too tired by than I'll probably do a strawberrysmoothie. Yummie! So long. Bye!


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