Today I've just been hangin' out on my terass. It has been extremly warm and I didn't manage more that one and a half hour before I gave up. My tan has got a little bit more visible, but just on the body. My head is still white haha. I've got a big test in math on tuesday so I've been studying a little bit, but not enough. I'm thinking of going to the library tomorrow and study there. We'll see. Have a lovely sunday night. Bye!


top hm shorts ? necklace indiska bikini åhlens bag vmoda + hat gina glasses lindex


Today, before work, Rebecca, Lydia, Maria and I went to the flea market. I was looking for a denim vest but unfortunatly I didn't find any that was just as light as I like them. Instead I found  two bracelets, one ring and one chain that I'll use as a necklace. After work Lydia and I went to Ajen's work and waited for her to quit. During that time we met some old friends and I sang "Extraball" for Lydia haha. She really didn't like that song but I'll make her like it haha. Tomorrow I think I'll go to Skanör and work on my tan. Have a lovely weekend! Kisses!


shorts levis tshirt copenhagen bag vmoda bracelets shock glasses lindex shoes topshop


dress gina jacket crocker sandals I thing the're from dinsko


Saw the video on tv this morning, since then I've been listening to it non stop. He's gorgeous and the electro vibe just makes me wanna dance all night long!


As the heading says so have I been very unhealthy today. I started with 1/2 dl porrige. Then the cardamom bun (on the picture) delicious btw! And a cookie, then nothing more haha. Now I'll catch up on it so I'll eat a chicken fillet and root vegetables, yummie! Tomorrow is a new day with new food habits! See you later. Tahnks for all cute comment btw. Makes me really happy! :)


jacket crocker tunic cubus bag veromoda plaited belt monki


dress gina cardigan topshop bracelets shock and lindex belt my brothers


jeacket crocker tank hm shorts gina bag+shoes+rings topshop bracelets shock+lindex


Today we had a really long break in the middle of the day so we went to the mall. I wanted to buy the shorts that I bought yesterday in blue, but they were unfortunatly out of stock. Then we went back to school and studied biology and french. After school Valle and I went to the library and studied there for four(!!!) whole hours. Then I went out for a really long jogging. I'm so proud of myself haha. Now, I'll study some more and then I'll watch tv.


dress cubus bracelets lindex nail color mavala shorts gina


J'adore le texte! "Je ne veux pas de Kate, je veux Ethan Hawke." "Baby baby baby."


dress zara hat gina glasses lindex shoes last summer or the summer before that :P

I've just returned from a place called Bjärred. It's known for it's ice cream and bridge. So ofc I ate ice cream, dark chocolate and pear. Yummie! Tonight we'll bbq corn and chicken and later on, I'll study biology.


cardigan+tank+bag topshop denim levis/2ndhand sandals greece


Hi! This friday Pegz, Lollo and I went to Västra hamnen in Malmö.Pegz and I practiced our skateboard skills haha. Then we went to Espresso House... as usual, I've been there every single day the five past days, my wallet will bleed soon. First we drank a chocolate frapino with a little bit of coffe, but when we were done we were still hungry so I bought a scone with cream cheese and marmalade and Pegz and Lollo ate sandwiches. Yesterday I was at work all day long and today I've just finished my paper on the swine influenza that will be handed in today. The following week is really nice, I haven't got one single test! Yay! Btw, have I told you that my dad and I have started play tennis, really fun but I've realized that I have to start working on my arm muscles to beat dad haha. Later, kisses!


skirt topshop tank topshop bag topshop shoes topshop jacket ellos necklace indiska


Today after school I met up with Ajen at Espresso house. I ate a cinnamon bun and Ajen drank a chai and ate a berry pie. When we had left Espresso,  were we still hungry so we walked to MC, were I had a small hamburger and Ajen a cheese burger, but unfortunatly she dropped it when she had ate half, and we got ketchup all over ourselves and our clothes haha. Btw can you see that we're matching today haha, ajen's leo printed scarf and my skirt haha. 


top topshop jeans topshop bag topshop + shoes zara jacket ellos


jumpsuit indiska necklace svenskt tenn jacket crocker hat gina shoes topshop bag vmoda


Today I went to Skanör with my family. At the "fish house" we ate what I concider the most delicious thing you can eat in the whole wide world, smoked salmon. Than we went down to the beach and dipped our feets in the ten degrees cold water. After a day like this I really longing for summer!


blazer hm top hm necklace indiska bag veromoda legings gina shoes topshop


shorts levis tshirt copenhagen necklace indiska bag veromoda jacket ellos + shoes zara


Both Pegz and I had unfortunatly forgot our clothes to the PE, so we went for a 7eleven haha. Pegz ate a cookie with chocolate and I ate yoghurt ice cream. Yumm!, and so much more fun than PE haha.


Yay, when i looked in my mailbox today, I found Elle! I really have to study chemistry today, but I think I'll squeeze in little Elle too!


1. Mum's home made cinnamon buns. 2. tshirt hm bracelet shock skirt ?



top gina blazer hm skirt second hand


Today on the lunch break, Pegz and I went down to Burger King. After I had enjoyed my delicious whopper and Pegz had finished her double cheese burger, we went to a second hand store where I found this skirt. I think I'll wear it with a blazer or with a oversized tshirt!


dress as a skirt hm pink sweater monki studded bracelet shock fringed bag veromoda


Today, before work Lydia and I went to Shock where I bought this studded bracelet, I've been wanted one for a long time so I'm happy now. I think I will buy another one, but with smaller studs!


Today I've been at a place in the east part in skåne were we had our picnic. It was really beautiful and the weather was amazing. After that we went to a beach were my crazy brother took his first dip of the year, and it was only four(!) cold degrees in the water. Than we went to Kivik for icecream and cider yummie! Now we'll eat salmon, my favourite food and tomorrow I'll work and we'll celebrate my sister in the evening. Later. Kisses!


night top hm jacket crocker necklace indiska + strawhat gina glasses lindex

day dress indiska rings topshop bag veromoda + belt topshop shoes topshop glasses lindex


This is the only picture from yesterday. Me and Ajen as you can see :). We (me, Lydia, Ajen, Rebecca and Maria) went to pildammsparken i Malmö were we met Alex, Peggy and her friend. It was pretty boring, but It's always fun to hang out with the girls! The fire was really beautiful with the lights and everything. Today, I'll go on a picnic with my family in the beautiful weather. Later. Kisses!

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