Today took I my first dip in the ocean, It was really lovely and it feels like summer has started now, for real! I've only got one week left at my work, than, the week after that, I'm going to Hultsfred festival, were (for example) the killers and kings of leon will play. After that I'll stay one more week in Skanör and that time I think I'll bring some friends with me! Anyway, today has been a perfect Sunday. We went to the beach, then we had a huge dinner with great food. After that, we went and rented some movies. Lateeeer. Kisses! (btw, I really have to get a new bikini, this one is just too big, look at the pic! haha)

Postat av: Winnie

Looks like such a gorgeous day!! The denim shirt is such a good cover up.

2009-06-29 @ 03:08:24
Postat av: Thowelina

ah, vilken perfekt strand- outfit du lyckades fixa!

2009-06-29 @ 07:39:14
Postat av: cindy

i think you look great. the shirt is awesome.

2009-06-29 @ 08:43:41
Postat av: cindy

i think you look great. love the shirt.

2009-06-29 @ 08:44:24
Postat av: sarah

omg that looks SO good right now, i'm starving!

2009-06-29 @ 18:02:43
Postat av: Raez

awesome, i love summer, i cant wait to go to the beach either:) great photos, and thanks for visiting my blog!!

xx raez

2009-06-29 @ 23:40:51
Postat av: valerija.

znygg du är isabelllle :D:D<3

2009-06-30 @ 21:18:26
Postat av: Princess Liberty

I love the denim short !

2009-07-01 @ 18:31:11

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