I bought a new wardrobe a couple of months ago. I know it's a little bit messy... but here is the result anyway! Btw, enlarged the pictures, better?


I went to a little mall outside my town to meet Pegz and her friend Andi. We took a coffe and I bought presents to my mum whose birthday is on sunday. Tonight I'll hang out in front of the tv with elder and mango sorbet niiiice!


fake fur 2nd hand dress indiska bag topshop shoes topshop


tshirt 2nd hand jeans mum's old bag beyond retro rings gotland jacket ellos boots sko.en


Found this tshirt in a vintage store a couple of days ago. From Hultsfred 93. Can't belive that Ramones and Iggy Pop has been there, insane!


fake fur 2nd hand top monki shorts mum's old boots skopunkten bag topshop


The picture doesn't make justice. Fake fur. Second hand. Clothbag from the Grene sisters.


Ajen and I went to Malmö museum today. There was a few really interesting exhibitions! We became hungry after a while and decided to go to China box, then we went to Barista for hot chocolate! We sat outside even though it was raining but under umbrellas and with blankets, cosy! Btw, the first pictures are taken in a submarine.



transparent dress second hand leggings gina top hm


blazer hm top copenhagen jeans secondhand/cheapmonday shoes ballerina


top mum's old necklace gina


dress indiska bag beyond retro belt monki


As usual on Fridays, I went to the yoga class with Lollo in the morning. After that Justyna and I held the P.E. class in school. Then, after school, Lydia and I went to Espresso for a chai. Pegz stayed for a while and than Lollo came. Chill friday!


dress monki shirt second hand scarf greece jacket ellos shoes skopunkten


blazer second hand top hm (ecologic cotton!) jeans gina


The new issue of Elle landed in my mailbox yesterday. Yaay!


cottage cheese, avocado, frozen raspberry and a little cinnamon, yummie!


blazer and belt second hand top monki shorts mum's old jeans shoes skopunkten


leather jacket, denim jacket, braid, clean face. Love this look! sourse, unknown


This weekend I went to a flea market on the Saturday with Lydia and on the Sunday me and my family went to different flea markets. I think I bought about six garments, including a black fake fur jacket. I have to show you those later. I also bought this ring and bracelet.


dress bikbok shoes skopunkten bag beyond retro scarf knitted myself


I only had one lesson today, P.E. I started at 11.30, before that, Lollo and I went to the pilates. After the pilates I went to the gym, then home, showered, went to school, back home, changed clothes, met Ajen, Emma and Anna at mc, then Ajen and I hang out. Now I'm just gonna eat and chill out in front of the tv. I'll meet Lydia tomorrow morning at the flea market, yay!


2nd hand


dress topshop boots sko.en


top indiska belt monki bag beyond retro shoes skopunkten


We've been free from school today, so Rebecca and I went to Malmö for some second hand shoping. Unfortunatly, I didn't found anything but Rebecca bought a pair of shorts. I tried on the fur on the picture but the sleeves were a bit too short, otherwise I really liked it. Tomorrow I've got a test in physics so I'll spend the night with my book. Wish me good luck, kisses.




dress hm shirt second hand ring gotland bracelet indiska


second hand


blazer hm top monki shorts mum's old lee bag beyond retro jewlery gotland shoes wedins


Today after school I met up with Rebecca and Ajen. First we went to Espresso and the to the china food place. Really nice to have a chat with them beacus I don's meet them as often as I used to do, wich is a bit sad. After that mum picked me up and we went to the grocery store were I bought candy and a magazine. I can't wait to just lay in the couch with the candy and just watch films the whole night!



I haven't had a braid since I was about ten years old, so it was about time! I really like it, might be my next "thing" haha.


New pantyhose from grandma, thanks! Lollo and I usually go to the yoga class on friday mornings, but today we tried out pilates and I have to say that I prefer yoga, but pilates wasn't too bad. Anyway, today I've only got two lessons, P.E. and biology so after school I'm planning on going to bengtssons to buy a cardamom bun. Then I'm going to meet Rebecca and Ajen at espresse for a coffe. Have a lovely friday! Kisses.

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