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My brother found mum's old LP discs in the garage. Including Abba, Adam and the ants, Imperiet and Talking heads.

peter doherty @ kb malmö 10/1-2010


Peter Doherty @ kb 10/1-2010

Last Sunday I went to the Peter Doherty concert in Malmö at KB. It was easily one of the best concerts I've been to! The texts, his guitar playing, his voice, everything was perfect! He was brilliant! We stood only a half meter from the stage. And he played all my favourite songs, for lovers, fuck forever, albion, delivery, broken love song and new love grows on trees.

After the concert I got to meet him, take a picture and get my t-shirt signed. When I asked him if he'd like to take a picture with me, he looked me in my eyes and said "oh that's a pretty girl". I tried to play cool and was just like "thank you" haha.

m i i k e s n o w

Miike Snow is playing in Malmö on Thursday. I really want to see them! We'll se what happens...




Yaaaaay I'm so happy! Today after school Pegz and I went to the ticket shop and bought tickets for the Peter Doherty concert in December. He is one of the musicians I've been listening to the longest. We'll stand in the queue from early in the morning until he starts to play. It might get a bit cold but it's probably worth it to get a good place in the crowd. I'm so exited I can't wait! But I do wonder if he'll play any of the Babyshambles songs.



The consert was on Saturday, but we went up to Sockholm late on Friday night so that we would be able to queuing the whole day. It was raining the whole morning as you can see.

I went there with Fredrik, Landen and Elin.

Me, Catrin and Emma who had been in the queue since 6 in the morning.

We met really nice people from Stockholm in the queue.

White Lies were supporting Coldplay. I really like them, so I thought that they were fantastic but it wasn't the right crowd for this kind of music, but as I said, I still think they were great! Btw, the singer is just gorgeous!

The brittish flag hang on one of the sides and the Swedish on the other.

The stage was covered with a sheer black blanket. Coldplay came out with sparkelers, than everybody was screaming and cheering. It was such a great atmosphere.

When they played "Yellow", they let down giant yellow balloons wich was bouncing around in the audience.

We stood about three meters from the stage, such a great feeling to stand so close to the band! We had been queueing for about eleven hours and it was so worth it!

The whole crowd was doing the wave with the cellphones, beautiful!

It spurted butterfly shaped confetti during "Lovers in Japan"!

The consert ended with fireworks! To sum up this consert I can easily say that this consert (along with The Killers) is the best consert I've been on.


Kaiser Chiefs is playing in Copenhagen today. Unfortunatly all my friends is out of town or unable to go there so I won't see them, and to go by my self is not an option! Here's one of their best songs in my opinion (Love is not a competition, Ruby and Oh my god is also worth listening to!).

Update: Changed plans, I'm going there!!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!! :D:D:D:D


I've just finished watching the film "Control". It's about Ian Curtis's (the lead singer in Joy Division) life.  This is one of my favourite songs by Joy Division, You also have to hear "Shadowplay", "She's lost control" and "Love will tear us apart" if you like this song.


Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat
Kings of leon - Crawl
The Killers - When you were young
Joy Division - Disorder
Johnossi - Party with my pain
Klaxons - Atlantis to interzone
Glasvegas - Gerdaline
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Arctic Monkeys - The view from the afternoon
Peter Doherty - New love grows on trees
Nine inch nails - Every day is exactly the same
Klaxons - As above, so below
Hives - Won't be long
The Killers - Goodnight, travel well
Håkan Hellström - Ramlar
The Killers - Joy ride
The Raconteurs - Steady as she goes
Kings of leon - Closer
Yuksek - Extraball
Yeah yeah yeahs - Heads will roll
White lies - To lose my life
The soundtrack of our lives - Sister surround
The Kills - Black balloon
The Killers - Uncle johnny
Oasis - The shock of the lightning
Coldplay - Square one


Saw the video on tv this morning, since then I've been listening to it non stop. He's gorgeous and the electro vibe just makes me wanna dance all night long!


J'adore le texte! "Je ne veux pas de Kate, je veux Ethan Hawke." "Baby baby baby."



petedoherty - brokenlovesong - petedoherty



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