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This Friday Lollo and I went to Malmö after school. I didn't bought anything except for icecream at "Lilla Glassbaren". I took a italian chocolate, which is dark chocolate with orange. I also took a elder sorbet, it's so fresh and it really taste elder, delicious!


jumpsuit hm denimjacket crocker


vest monki rings visby shorts gina tshirt copenhagen + shoes topshop



My mum cleaned out her wardrobe and she was about to throw this skirt away so I took it, cut of 10 centimeters and sew a seam and voila!


top hm shorts mum's old lee rings flea market necklace greece


tank bikbok scarf greece necklace indiska shorts old jacket ellos


dress hm denim vintage/levis leather ellos bag beyond retro



vest monki tshirt johnossi consert shorts gina rings visby + shoes wedins


New Elle with Hayden Panettiere on the cover, landed in my mailbox yesterday.


The other day I painted my nails. First a black layer then the blue on top. Love the colour, it becomes dark dark blue, almost black but in the light you can see that it's blue. Try it yourself!


This friday, some people and I from school went to the woods for bbq and just to have fun. It was really cosy with the fire and everything! I didn't take so many pictures and those I took were really bad beacuse my poor camera can't take good pictures in the dark. Anyway, let the bad pictures speak haha.


Right now I'm just hanging out in school with Valle. Tonight we'll go out with our friends for some bbq! I'll upload pics on that later. Kisses!


dress indiska vest monki sandals greece bag beyond retro jewlery market


Pegz, Valle and I went to Subway on the lunch. The picture on Peggy is hilarious. It looks like she'll eat the whole sub in one bite haha. It's a new episode of true blood tonight. Yaay! I've been waiting for a whole week.


Right now I'm sitting in school and chilling with Amanda. I'm waiting for Pegz so we can go and eat ice cream in the beautiful weather! It's my stepmum's birthday today so tonight we'll celebrate her with presents and food. Se you later. Kisses! :)


blazer second hand dress gina ballerinas zara + bag topshop


A couple of days ago, I made theese bars, cookies or whatever you'd like to call them. I just mixed honey with strawberries, blueberries and diffrent types of seeds like pumkin seeds. Then I ate them with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, delicious!


skirt kupan in visby tshirt ramones + ballerinas zara bag topshop


After school today, Lydia and I went to the park. We ate ice cream, played card and just chilled out. I sat with one arm in the sun and the other one in the shadow so now I've got one sunburned arm and one white haha. It's sad so say, but this was probably the last summer day of the year. It was about 25 degrees and not a cloud on the sky, lovely!

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