Yaaaaay I'm so happy! Today after school Pegz and I went to the ticket shop and bought tickets for the Peter Doherty concert in December. He is one of the musicians I've been listening to the longest. We'll stand in the queue from early in the morning until he starts to play. It might get a bit cold but it's probably worth it to get a good place in the crowd. I'm so exited I can't wait! But I do wonder if he'll play any of the Babyshambles songs.


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A few things I've forgot to show you. A oversized purple blazer and a denim skirt. Both from Kupan in Visby, Gotland.



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 - coldplay tshirt - beyond retro sequin dress with deep back - beyond retro white blazer - beyond retro bag - elle us magazine - id minerals concealer at nk - detox tea from nk -


Our hotel, Auf Chapman

Me, Fredrik, Landen and Elin on the skeppsholmsbridge. (The castle is to the left in the picture)

We ate yoghurt ice cream at gallerian. Yummie!!


The consert was on Saturday, but we went up to Sockholm late on Friday night so that we would be able to queuing the whole day. It was raining the whole morning as you can see.

I went there with Fredrik, Landen and Elin.

Me, Catrin and Emma who had been in the queue since 6 in the morning.

We met really nice people from Stockholm in the queue.

White Lies were supporting Coldplay. I really like them, so I thought that they were fantastic but it wasn't the right crowd for this kind of music, but as I said, I still think they were great! Btw, the singer is just gorgeous!

The brittish flag hang on one of the sides and the Swedish on the other.

The stage was covered with a sheer black blanket. Coldplay came out with sparkelers, than everybody was screaming and cheering. It was such a great atmosphere.

When they played "Yellow", they let down giant yellow balloons wich was bouncing around in the audience.

We stood about three meters from the stage, such a great feeling to stand so close to the band! We had been queueing for about eleven hours and it was so worth it!

The whole crowd was doing the wave with the cellphones, beautiful!

It spurted butterfly shaped confetti during "Lovers in Japan"!

The consert ended with fireworks! To sum up this consert I can easily say that this consert (along with The Killers) is the best consert I've been on.


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Bought theese tshirts at the Malmöfestival. 100 Swedish kronor each.


I started my day with brunch at Espresso house with Lollo and Pegz. Then we went to school, it was the first day at school today and I've just started in a new class and I didn't knew anyone beacuse Valerija is in Croatia, but she'll be back on Monday. After school Pegz and I went and bought chinese food with us to the hills, yummie! In the night we went to Malmö to see Gang of four, wich was great!!! I'm going to Stockolm tomorrow at 23.23 and then on Saturday I'll se Coldplay with Elin, Fredrik and their friend, I'm sooo exited! I really have to go to sleep now. Kisses!


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Went to the Malmöfestival yesterday with Maria, Lydia and Rebecca. Saw Adiam Dymott.


I haven't showed everything I bought in Visby, but I'll show you later! I've just painted my nails with my black and blue nail color, I'll upload a picture on that too. In a couple of hours, I'm heading to the Malmöfestival. Adiam Dymott and The soundtrack of our lives is playing tonight!! School starts tomorrow so it's a little bit sad, but I'm going to Stockholm on friday to see Coldplay on Saturday! Lateeeer.


Yesterday we went to see the Johnossi consert. I've seen them twice now, and this time was even better than the first time! After the consert we went to Burger King for a late dinner. On the way to BK, we passed by a container that was covered with LP-cds, really cool! Anyway, after the burgers, we saw Salem Al Fakir, well we saw one song haha, but it was the only song I knew by him so it was ok. Today I've been busy assembly my new wardrobe. I'll show you pics when I'm done. Kisses!


from visby, gotland


visby town - the lummelunda cave - lickershamn - blue lagoon - ego pics - sea stacks - beach bbq - evis cafe - visby town - pippi longstockin's house - sunset


Translation; A video blog from the Blue lagoon on the Swedish island Gotland. It´s taken with my mini computer, so the picture isn´t the best as you see. Anyway, it´s me and a little bit of my brother who insisted on being in the film haha. I'll upload some pictures later!


Today we've moved to a new place, this one is so much better! Anyway, we've been out 2nd hand shopping today, I bought a jacket, a denim jacket, a denim skirt, a pair of shorts, two belts and a necklace. The shoes on the picture was the one I bouthr yesterday, I've worn them the whole day today and they are sooo comfortable! I wish thayt had more patterns or colors so I could have a little shoe collection of theese type of shoes! Now, we're going to take a drink and then we'll eat salmon and dring cider, my favourites! Kisses!


Today me and my sister have been out shopping in Visby. I bought a pair of sandlas and dry shampoo. We've just ate homemade ice cream wich both I and my sister enjoued very much! I"ll update you later kisses! btw. Interet doesn"t work in our house so I have to go outside to use internet, which sucks... btw2. Today is Lydia"s birthday!!!! Congrats to her :)!


Really early, tomorrow morning I'll go to Gotland, so I have to go and pack my bag now. The only thing is that I'm really tired from yesterday, I don't even know why I'm sitting in front of the computer. I'm just sitting here and listening to Peter Dohery's beautiful songs. Anyway, this is the only thing I need when it comes to beauty products, it's Jojoba oil. It makes the skin smooth, it has got spf4 and it counteract pimples! Btw, I'll bring my small computer to Gotland, so hopefully I'll do some posts!


Last night we went to Lomma beach for booty shaking. We started the night at my place with drinks and crisps. Then Lydia, Rebecca, Matra and I went by bus to the beach. We had a really good time and we met so many great people!


This friday, Ajen, Lydia, Maria, Rebecca, me and Marta who is Lydia's Spanish friend from an exchange in 6th grade went out for pizza. I took a pizza with chicken, banana and curry. Ajen had got her lenses, she looks so good in them, they're dark green as you can see. After the pizzas we went to espresso house for a coffe and then we walked back home to Rebecca's place for singing competition, haha it was so much fun! It wasn't even that cold to walk, it's so nice with summer, love it!


The last few days I haven't really have had time for the blog, but now I'm back and I've got so many things to tell you guys! Last tuesday I went to a party with Lydia (the picture is from there), anyway it was really fun, mostly friends from Lydia's class but some from mine as well and some other people. Really fun. Anyway, for a couple of days ago my friend Pegz called me and told me that White Lies, wich is one of my favourite bands is going to be the pre band on the Coldplay consert I'm going to the 22nd August! They also had a consert at Hultsfred but at that time I was queuing for The Killers, so I'm really happy that I get to see them now! Tonight I'm going out with my friends. We haven't made a reservation at a resturant or anything, but the weather is really beautiful so instead, I think we'll go to the park with a blanket and some pizzas!

Update: I have to tell you one thing that broke my heart today, my favourite of all favourites, Peter Doherty is playing here in Sweden in December, but you have to be 18 to see him. I'm 17. Anyone who'd like to give me a fake ID!? Just for one night...


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Right now I'm taking a "fika" at Ajen's. Yummie! In a couple of hours, Rebecca, Ajen and I'll go to Espresso for another "fika". I think it's paaarty tonight, yaaay! The only thing is that I have to get up at 7 am tomorrow and I've got a feeling that it won't be so fun. Btw, This is the first time Internet's working for me on my little computer outside my home!!


Today I went to the grocery store and bought one of my favourite ice creams from Ben & Jerry's, "Phish food". It's soooo delicious! I choosed between Phish food and a mango sorbet. I've already tasted "Jamaica me" and it was great. Next time I'll try the mango sorbet!


tank top bikbok vest cubus shorts old cut jeans rings topshop necklace indiska


I have spent this day with Rebecca and Alex. We went shopping and then we took a "fika" as we call it in Sweden. Tonight we'll eat grilled salmon, one of my favourites! Have a great Saturday! Kisses. Isabelle.

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