The consert was on Saturday, but we went up to Sockholm late on Friday night so that we would be able to queuing the whole day. It was raining the whole morning as you can see.

I went there with Fredrik, Landen and Elin.

Me, Catrin and Emma who had been in the queue since 6 in the morning.

We met really nice people from Stockholm in the queue.

White Lies were supporting Coldplay. I really like them, so I thought that they were fantastic but it wasn't the right crowd for this kind of music, but as I said, I still think they were great! Btw, the singer is just gorgeous!

The brittish flag hang on one of the sides and the Swedish on the other.

The stage was covered with a sheer black blanket. Coldplay came out with sparkelers, than everybody was screaming and cheering. It was such a great atmosphere.

When they played "Yellow", they let down giant yellow balloons wich was bouncing around in the audience.

We stood about three meters from the stage, such a great feeling to stand so close to the band! We had been queueing for about eleven hours and it was so worth it!

The whole crowd was doing the wave with the cellphones, beautiful!

It spurted butterfly shaped confetti during "Lovers in Japan"!

The consert ended with fireworks! To sum up this consert I can easily say that this consert (along with The Killers) is the best consert I've been on.

Postat av: Audrey

Theay are in Paris tonight :)

2009-09-07 @ 19:45:54

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