l o l l o g ä s t b l o g g a r

Hello my dear blog! Today I went to my crib. And we ate a lot of chocolateballs. they tasted delicious of course since I had made them with lots of love. if you see the light flashing will this mean I'm coming home? ?? I don't know. One thing I do know is that Issi cheated on her detox. It lasted for like one day. But she's proud of herself. Kinda. See ya later dear blog!!! Now I'm off!!!

Postat av: Lydia Linse

förstår dig isabelle. Vem kan liksom hålla sig borta från sånna godsaker? ;P hahah varför skulle du ens ha en sån detox veckan?!?!

2010-04-09 @ 18:28:08
URL: http://lydialinse.blogg.se/

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