Lollo got interviewed for Danish television on the airport about the vulcano before we left. Everybody dislike the volcano but we were just like "I wouldn't mind stay in London a couple of days more then planned" haha.

We met up with Lydia at Picalilly Circus


phone booth

trafalgar square

big ben

London eye

Houses of Parliament

We saw squirrels in St James's park (I think it was there..) We tried to feed them with nuts but the were really scared so the pigeons took them instead

Haha looks like it's diving into the ground

Buckingham Palace

On our way to Portobello road market, Maria and Lollo in Notting Hill

Lollo and I


We went to Hummingbird bakery and had the best cupcakes we'd ever tasted

Portobello Road

Oxford street

At Starbucks I bought my new favourite juice, mango and passion fruit. Lollo bought a really yummy sandwich with mozarella, pesto and tomato. I'm really peckish for something like that right now!




Waiting for the tube

Lydia and Maria

A very spontanious picture!

In Camden, Lydia and I ate strawberries, drenched in dark chocolate. Delicious!!!

Outside Harrods

Lollo and I went to this place called "Yo! Sushi" were they had sushi on rolling bands. All the plates had different colours wich represented different price groups. I want this in Sweden!

Belgian waffles on Oxford street

Lollo's posing with the british flag I bought at Portobello market

We met a fat cat on our way to Tate Modern.

Outside Tate Modern

On the millenium bridge

An Alexander McQueen dress on the Victoria and Albert museum

Grece Kelly's wedding dress!

Chilling out

Lydia and I

Lydia dipped her feet in the water

In a park (Green or St James's)

At Starbucks (again!)

Before we left, Maria and I bought cupcakes for us at Hummingbird Bakery

Landed in Copenhagen!

I put my Pingles in Lollo's bag. When we got our bags back at Kastrup, Lollo discovered this! haha

One last stop at Starbucks before Sweden

Notice the sizes on Maria and Lollo's bads compared to mine! haha

To sum up the whole trip, I can truly say that we've had a blast. We've seen all the land marks we wanted to see, went to markets, been shopping both vintage and on the high streets, been to a pub, went to clubs and danced throug the night, been eating fish and chips, and most important of all, met Lydia!

Postat av: cindy

this looked like so much fun. you're a lucky girl to have such awesome friends to travel with. i love the last shot of you too!

2010-04-27 @ 19:45:28
URL: http://treunorthstyle.blogspot.com
Postat av: Caroline

Så utrolig mange fine bilder!! Så ut som en veldig koselig tur:) Skal til London i juli med søstern min, og bare lurer på om du har någon tips om hva vi ikke burde missa når vi er der? Shopping, deler av byen vi må se, bakerier, restauranter osv.. Tar imot alt av tips:) Hadde vært kjempe snilt av deg!! :)

2010-04-27 @ 23:51:05
URL: http://bowtiemania.devote.se
Postat av: Peggs

Dude, skulle hängt me :(, iaf, asså ahahaha de där kan ej va grace kellys klänning! Den såg ju inte alls ut så! xD

2010-05-03 @ 19:59:55
Postat av: Anniix

härliga bilder! Åh, jag var i USA nu i sommar och när jag ser dina bilder på starbucks-muggar så vill jag bara tillbaks diit! Starbucks in my heart <3 :P

2010-08-04 @ 18:13:56
URL: http://anniix.devote.se

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